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Cash Sale Auction

Royal Auctions™ provides monthly auctions for real estate owners who need secure and expedient cash sales for their real estate on the 2nd Tuesday of Every Month, SUPER TUESDAY™. Auctions are conducted by professional licensed real estate brokers in the state of Arizona at the courthouse of their prospective county. Our process focuses on the current owners of real estate who are in need to sell their property quickly with no repairs or fees by licensed professionals.

Royal Auctions has their roots in the real estate industry and has been involved with the Auction platform for selling and buying real estate since 1997.

The Auction process provides an avenue for property owners who have inherited houses, rental houses, homes in need repairs, divorced houses, homes in pre-foreclosure, institutional REO or any other immediate need for a quick cash & “as is” sale by licensed professionals. Also, Investors who have property currently under contract and need to “assign” their rights to another buyer.

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