Stay Connected
Through Your Journey

with Technology Assisted Fitness!


Stay Connected Through Your Journey

with Technology
Assisted Fitness!


meet your fitness goals!

  • Strength and Body Composition
  • Recovery From Injury or Trauma
  • Weight Loss
  • Event Training
  • Overall Wellness
  • Active Lifestyle
  • Longevity
  • Comebacks!!!

Get One-On-One Personal Trainers in the palm of your hand with Body by Blair!

Don’t go to the gym without a game plan, be prepared with Body by Blair to crush your fitness goals!

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Body by Blair is $59/month with coaching. You will not only get a personalized fitness plan from Blair, but she provides support and guidance on nutrition, mindfulness, and recovery (self-care/ wellness)!

If you reach a point that you want to pause coaching but use the Body by Blair App the fee is reduced to $19/month.


What do I get?

One-on-one habit building coaching from Blair as well as a personalized set of routines to reach your goals and start your transformation.

These goals will be focused on movement, nutrition, mindfulness, and recovery. A custom workout plan might include traditional workouts (for home or the gym) as well as ideas for everyday activities you can easily execute.

While Blair doesn’t provide specific meal plans, she will teach you how to create your own meal plans, talk about healthy eating, and explore mindful eating.

What do I get?

When you sign up, you’ll schedule a 30-minute onboarding call with Blair. You can message Blair in the app. When you need some extra support, you can schedule a consult.

There are no contracts.

Subscriptions automatically renew each month. No questions and no hassle.

Nothing! Blair is trained to help you live a better life with as much, or as little equipment as you have.

Disclaimer: Our services should not be used in place of medical or mental health care. Before starting any new program consult your medical provider.

fitness coach

Blair Roberts

Certified Personal Trainer

My experiences include improving one’s strength, stabilization, flexibility, nutrition, pre-natal and post-natal exercise, pre and post injury training, improving cardiovascular endurance, and yoga. I have experience with Peloton and Lifetime equipment if you should need help getting your full cardiac output experience and improving your weight loss results. Together we can reach your goals of weight loss, build muscle, improve flexibility, or improve on a sport.

I have helped both men and women lose weight, tone up, build muscle, improve flexibility, and design programs to help you reach your personal goals. If you have an athletic event or competition, a desire to strengthen a sport or golf swing, vacation, wedding, or just summer goals…let me know where I can help!

I keep the workouts challenging and goal oriented, so you get the best workout every time. I also have experience if you are wanting functional movements e.g. balance, stability and core. I work around injuries and modify exercises as needed. Together we can accomplish these goals!

– Certified Personal Trainer
– Certified Nutrition Coach
– CPR/AED Certified


“Blair’s training has brought me back to running and cycling after being hit by a car while on my bike that required a full hip replacement. Thanks to her my legs are strong enough to easily run for three miles or more. And my cycling power is back to peak levels.

Furthermore, according to InBody, a body health measurement program, so far my muscle to weight distribution is in the top 3% of all men 40 or over!

Jay Feuerstein

“I’ve been working out nearly all of my adult life. In the Spring of 2022 my workout felt stagnant and stale which led me to working out with Blair on a regular basis. Now after just a few months… what a difference! I have grown stronger and leaner; my balance has improved dramatically and my weight is under control.

Blair has helped me work out in a different, better way with equipment and pacing that are new to me. I continue to learn from her with each workout. As a personal fitness trainer, Blair is knowledgeable and offers customized coaching to suit the client’s needs. If you are looking for results, she’s the one!”

Mary Kurth

Three months of training with Blair has not only rebuilt strength but more important confidence to use parts of my body that have been guarded for years due to injury. The pains are gone and my balance is better than it has been even before the injuries.

She took the time and has the knowledge to customize what I needed to prevent reinjury to the areas while we created the new me.”

Russell Pandina


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